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A New Home to start their Journey: 722 Fourth Street, Belvidere

I am so delighted to share the story of this sale with you. This is a buyer of mine that I was working with couple years back. They weren’t ready to buy at that time because they were just getting married. We saw a couple houses back then but it didn’t work out. This year they were ready to buy and unfortunately we didn’t connect right away. They were working with a different realtor and the house they wanted didn’t go through. They decided to call me right away to get the job done. And we did! We went out and saw a couple of houses. And then we found this gem at 722 4th St. in Belvidere. What a great house! A 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch with a finished basement. Honestly, I was shocked that this house was still available. But I got to tell you the reason why. This was a perfect case of the photos did not match how nice the house actually was on the inside. And it was a good thing that we did not discriminate based on those photos and still saw the house. Because this is a great house. I congratulate the DeFeo‘s on their new home as they start their journey. Thank you for letting me be a small part of your life.

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