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Step 1: Analysis



To get your approval, chat with one of our recommended mortgage brokers for about 20 minutes on the phone.

A mortgage approval gives you the confidence to shop as qualified home buyer to move quickly and responsibly once you find a home that is right for you.




All of your decisions moving forward will be made within the limits of your buying power. Buying a home is NOT the process of discovery, it is the process of elimination.

Review the numbers below. Oftentimes what you're paying on a monthly basis is more important than the overall purchase price.

How to think about Buying Power


For Every $100K you borrow in a mortgage at _____% is Equal to $ ________ per month.


For Every $10K you borrow in a mortgage at _____% is Equal to $ ________ per month.


For Every $1K you borrow in a mortgage at _____% is Equal to $ ______ per month.


In other words, $ _________ per month will increase your buying power by $ ____________.


Do you have a monthly bill that could be paid off to increase you home purchase power?


Choosing a community that is right for you is a very personal choice.  Proximity to work, houses of worship, to schools and lifestyle are just a small fraction of the reasons why you may choose one community over another.

You're buying power may limit where you can purchase a home and you may have to choose between the right house and right community.


The Vincent Costa Real Estate Team has represented over 1000 clients in over 120 communities throughout Central and Northern NJ. 


Our skills and knowledge are the most qualified in the industry.  We are highly skilled negotiators and dedicated professionals with a passion for details, a loyalty to protect our clients and a desire to see my clients succeed.

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